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XPLORE PANGAEA™ is created by DEEPBLUE Worlds Inc, where our mission is to create content to Engage, Enchant, and Educate. We believe in creating content that expand minds. To that end, we are busy creating games, activities and websites that provide food for thought, while also making fun reading.

We are based in beautiful La Jolla, California.


Sunil Thankamushy, Creator


I am a huge fan of science and nature. As a child growing up at the edge of rain-forests in the southern part of India, I have enjoyed roaming around plantations, trekking the countryside, and fishing in the monsoon-fed mountain streams. I would do this with my idea book in hand – dreaming up comics and inventing stories. For me, nature always inspired creativity.

When I came to the United States in the 90’s as a student of animation at the University of California Los Angles (UCLA), my dream was to  enter the magical world of the entertainment industry. My path led me to the relatively new and exciting world of big-budget video games. I worked as the animation director for several high-adrenaline pumping games, most notably Medal of Honor™, Medal of Honor Frontline™, and Call of Duty Finest Hour™. I loved the process of making games, and the deep camaraderie it fosters among team-members, but I still felt like there was something missing in my creative life.

When my children were born, my life’s direction became clear: I decided to build products that nurture the sense of wonder, inspire curiosity and foster the imagination.

I welcome you to XPLORE PANGAEA™, an online community for nature, prehistory, and dinosaur enthusiasts. My goal is to publish current articles and research in these areas, in a fun and engaging manner with great artwork, excellent writing, and engaging games and activities.



Diana Shakti Contreras, Community Manager

Diana Shakti Contreras

Diana Shakti is the Community Manager for XPLORE PANGAEA™. She is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  and San Diego State University. She also is the writer of our upcoming children’s book, titled Dino on My Desk: Meet Plunkett.  Her two children, Krishna and Maya, also participate in the creation of the stories. When she is done juggling family, classes, and the company’s demands, she finds time to do Yoga and jogging at the beach in sunny La Jolla.


Hannah Dunn, Writer

Hannah Dunn

Hannah Dunn is one of our key writers for XPLORE PANGAEA™.  She lives in the north of England with her family and two cats. Hanna used to teach maths and science but recently swapped the classroom for the chance to combine her love of writing with staying home and looking after her two boys. She has always been keenly interested in animals and nature, so finding out all these cool facts about dinosaurs has been a lot of fun. And now, she gets to show her son that he isn’t the resident dinosaur expert anymore!


Ken Angliongto, Artist, Cartoonist


Ken was born and raised in Manila, Philipines. He is one of lead artists and illustrators for XPLORE PANGAEA™.   As a young boy, he was mesmerized by watching Star Wars™, and this inspired him to want to be part of creating awesome new worlds. He hold an MFA degree in Animation from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Ken has worked in the gaming industry as an animator and an animation lead for more than a decade. He has worked for several video game companies such as DreamWorks Interactive™ and Electronic Arts™.  When is he not creating art for us, he is having adventures around the world holding a camera and making videos for his church’s charities. Ken sees XPLORE PANGAEA™ as yet another adventure; only it does not involve leaving his desk :).


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