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Cool and easy reads from Pangaea!

Cool Reads Anthropocene-era

You might have heard about prehistoric times being called things like ‘the Jurassic period’, ‘the Cerozoic era’ or ‘the Cretaceous period’. These are all based on a Geological time scale – splitting the years by how the earth looked and what was alive. Scientists decided on these different eras by…

Cool Reads Scientists create Chicken-Dinosaur-hybrid-snout

It has long been understood that birds evolved from dinosaurs; scientists have discovered many similarities including feathers, the power of flight and clawed feet. However there was one major difference between dinosaurs and prehistoric birds, and the modern birds we have today; the beak. It is such an important feature…

Cool Reads Kronosaurus cartoon

Dinosaur fossils seem to be turning up all over the place! The latest groundbreaking find is that of a Kronosaurus jaw bone measuring 1.6m long and the most intact jaw bone found to date! It was found by Robert Hacon, an Australian farmer from Queensland, who was spraying his crops…

Cool Reads Chilean-Jigsaw-Chilesaurus-diegosuarezi

A recent discovery from Chile has had paleontologists stumped! A young boy came home one day and showed his parents a collection of fossils he had found. Initially thought to be from several different types of dinosaurs, scientists started digging nearby and soon discovered over a dozen skeletons – but…

Cool Reads mummified trees

Researchers in Ellesmere Port, an island off the coast of Canada, have made an amazing discovery. Buried underground within layers of sedimentary rock, an entire fossilised forest has been preserved! They measured the stumps and found out that the trees would have been about 1.8 meters high and they were…

Cool Reads Penguins-had-wings-antarctica

So you’ve travelled back in time, 16 million year back to be exact, and landed on the continent that will become Antarctica. Stepping out of your time machine, you are stunned to see leafy green shrubbery, deer frolicking in the grass and not an iceberg in sight. A squawking erupts…

Cool Reads vegetation-in-prehistoric-Antarctica

People talk about climate change and how it is changing our planet, but did you know that periods of global warming have occurred before? The Miocene period, was one of these times. During this period the temperature in Antarctica could reach 45˚F (7˚C). Not sunbathing weather, but much warmer than the…

Cool Reads Phorusrhacid terror bird sings Figaro

We all know that fossils and bones can help scientists work out what extinct creatures used to look like, but now researchers are claiming they can even tell you what they used to sound like! ‘Terror Birds’, or phorusrhacids, lived after the dinosaurs and died out about 3.5 million years…

Cool Reads Metoposaurus loves red car

Back when the world was just the supercontinent of Pangaea (also known as Pangea), back before dinosaurs ruled the land, the scariest thing you could come across might well have been the big brother of our modern day frogs and newts.

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