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When a new dinosaur is identified or discovered, we list it here.

Cool Reads Metoposaurus loves red car

Back when the world was just the supercontinent of Pangaea (also known as Pangea), back before dinosaurs ruled the land, the scariest thing you could come across might well have been the big brother of our modern day frogs and newts.

Dino Alert Deinocheirus unveiled by helper dino

Fifty years ago, researchers digging in the Gobi desert in Mongolia made a terrifying discovery: a pair of arms almost 2.5m long! The bones obviously belonged to some kind of dinosaur, but nobody had ever seen anything like it before. Some people wondered if it was an even scarier big…

Dino Alert chinese dragon vs the real thing

The dragon is a very important figure in Chinese mythology and to this day continues to be a symbol of power, strength and good fortune. Usually shown as a long, snake-like creature with a lion’s head and a long tail, the dragon is a very distinctive creature, unlike anything else…