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The jungles of Pangaea are constantly churning up interesting bits of facts. Come to this page to see what turned up most recently.

Cool Reads mummified trees

Researchers in Ellesmere Port, an island off the coast of Canada, have made an amazing discovery. Buried underground within layers of sedimentary rock, an entire fossilised forest has been preserved! They measured the stumps and found out that the trees would have been about 1.8 meters high and they were…

Cool Reads vegetation-in-prehistoric-Antarctica

People talk about climate change and how it is changing our planet, but did you know that periods of global warming have occurred before? The Miocene period, was one of these times. During this period the temperature in Antarctica could reach 45˚F (7˚C). Not sunbathing weather, but much warmer than the…

Jungle Jumble Williamsonia star

Williamsonias were plants from the mesozoic era that looked like palm trees and had star-shaped flowers!   

Jungle Jumble Cordaites

Cordaites are trees abundant in Pangaea, but dont exist in our own time. Note the primitive parallel veins in its leaves.

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