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Read traveler BOB’s journal entries as he comments on the jungles, swamps, deserts and mountains he trots across.

Traveler Bob's Diary Traveler-lizard-Bob-in-Cloud-Forest

Dear Diary, Today I discovered the Cloud Forest! It was hidden deep inside the ravines of the Pangaean jungle! Whew! Its really green here. Must be all that moisture in the air!

Traveler Bob's Diary Traveler-lizard-Bob-meets-Koskinonodon

Staring into the cold eyes of a Koskinonodon at the edge of the swamp, traveler lizard Bob quickly rethinks his afternoon-swim plan. [A  three meter long creature with an unusually wide skull rimmed with sharp teeth, the Koskinonodon could make short work of Bob.]

Traveler Bob's Diary hot spring Pangaea

As I took a plunge,  I remembered that the water in the oasis is from an underground aquifier that has leaked and pooled at the surface.. Love, Traveller Lizard Bob

Traveler Bob's Diary Traveler Lizard Bob in Pangaea

 Dear diary,  Today I found delicious apricots, peaches, dates and vegetables. The water at this oasis is great too! I think I will stay. Love, Traveller Lizard Bob