You might know about velociraptors from watching Jurassic World or Jurassic Park. What you might not know is that the movies had a lot of its facts about this Cretaceous predator intentionally wrong (Deliberately done for cinematic and dramatic reasons).

While we imagine velociraptor being a huge, man-eating dinosaur, in reality they were about the size of a big chicken – much too small to have much luck eating a human, had there been any around at the time. They usually ate reptiles, amphibians and smaller dinosaurs, like the labrador sized Protoceratops.

They hunted protoceratops so much that there is even a preserved fossil of the two species fighting! Velociraptor weren’t only the size of chickens, but they most likely looked a bit like chickens too! Most paleontologists now believe that many dinosaurs were feathered like birds, and velociraptor is no exception! Unfortunately the feathers weren’t enough for velociraptor to fly – they most likely used their feathers for display, to regulate body temperature or to scare off enemies.

Despite not being a huge, scaled beast, velociraptors were still a very successful group.


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