A real Chilean jigsaw puzzle!


A recent discovery from Chile has had paleontologists stumped! A young boy came home one day and showed his parents a collection of fossils he had found. Initially thought to be from several different types of dinosaurs, scientists started digging nearby and soon discovered over a dozen skeletons – but all from the same dinosaur. They were baffled because, not only was this a completely new type of dinosaur, but it seemed to be made up from parts of other dinosaurs in a combination that didn’t make sense. It was a real jigsaw puzzle!

Chilesaurus diegosuarezi (named after the boy who discovered it) looks like he belongs to the same family of dinosaurs as the Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor…except this species was a vegetarian. He had a horny beak and flat teeth, and his hands had stumpy fingers instead of sharp claws. Scientists are still arguing now about which family of dinosaurs the Chilesaurus really belongs to – it just goes to show that evolution on Pangaea (also called Pangea) was far from straight forward.


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