G’day, Kronosaurus!


Dinosaur fossils seem to be turning up all over the place! The latest groundbreaking find is that of a Kronosaurus jaw bone measuring 1.6m long and the most intact jaw bone found to date! It was found by Robert Hacon, an Australian farmer from Queensland, who was spraying his crops after a recent rain storm. The water seemed to have washed away the soil leaving the cone out in the open.

What is a Kronosaurus?

The kronosaurus was a terrifying marine dinosaur with a large head like a crocodile. They could grow up to 11m long and their jaws were so powerful that they could snap any creature in half. This new discovery has helped scientists to really understand what that jaw would have looked like and how it worked, including how long fangs from upper jaw fit nicely into grooves on the lower jaw.


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