Gigantic toilet-seat headed newt!


Back when the world was just the supercontinent of Pangaea (also known as Pangea), back before dinosaurs ruled the land, the scariest thing you could come across might well have been the big brother of our modern day frogs and newts.

Giant predatory amphibians (metoposaurids) lived in rivers and lakes and preyed on anything that came near. Now scientists have discovered a mass graveyard of metoposaurid bones in Portugal and determined that they belong to an entirely new creature; the Metoposaurus algarvensis.

This giant salamander-type creature was the size of a small car and scientists say it looked like something out of a monster movie. It had a big, flat head, kind of like a toilet seat, but you wouldn’t want to sit on it; inside were hundreds of tiny, razor-sharp teeth! The fact that there are hundreds of skeletons all together led scientists to believe that the creatures perished when their lake dried up, probably around the time that Pangaea was beginning to split up into smaller continents. Scientists are hoping that further careful digging will reveal even more of these car-sized amphibians.


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