Pachycephalosaurus: The battering ram

  • Skull bones could be up to 25cm thick – good for ramming into enemies.
  • Lived and roamed in herds.
  • Looks scary but was a herbivore.
  • Sharp,serrated teeth were good at shredding leaves.
  • Walked on two strong back legs.
  • Good eye sight.

The Pachycephalosaurus is a bit of a mystery because the only bones that have really survived are skull bones, probably because they were so thick. Scientists have various different theories on what the rest of the dinosaur looked like, but we know for sure that its face was covered in bony lumps and spikes. A large dome on the top of its head had a ‘crown’ of these nodules around it. The name Pachycephalosaurus means ‘thick-headed lizard’, and it certainly fits this dinosaur to a T!


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